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Laser shock peening is an advanced method for extending the life of mechanical components. In this method, a high-energy, short-duration laser pulse (less than a few nanoseconds) produces a very powerful mechanical wave (more than 1 giga-pascal) on the metal surface. This wave produces a cold work on the surface of the material and while releases harmful stress which is often tensile, beneficial compressive residual stress is produced. These compressive residual stresses will improve the mechanical and physical properties of the work piece.

Advantages of Laser Shock peening:
1. Fatigue resistance enhancement up to 20 fold for components exposed to cyclic loads.
2. Corrosion resistance enhancement in corrosive environments such as impeller of slurry pumps, turbines components and airplane engines.
3. Surface hardness enhancement, especially in metals which are not capable to be hardened with heat treatment methods.
4. Wear resistance enhancement
5. Reducing repairs and maintenance costs by increasing the life time of the components
6. Restoration and improvement of surface cracks

7. No need to consumable materials
8. Non-contact method
9. Ability to run automatically and robotically
10. Performance enhancement in comparison to shot peening due to deeper and more compressive residual stresses generation
11. High operating speed
12. High shelf life at relatively high temperatures

1. Aviation Industries
2. Oil and Gas Industries
3. Automotive Industries
4. Mineral industries
5. Train and railways

1. SAE6543 Standard
2. US patents as following table